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  • yeah no problem, having no id u feel helpless!! ill give u the partyline phone number as soon as i find it out on new years as im workin till like 4pm,

    i put most of my pics from last NYE in a youtube video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfa5r3R8Hq0 check it out, yeah asbo's mixing is good and all but saying stuff like that on facebook or whatever is never a good look and hes just sounding like a cock, inviting people to rip on him!
    Im from crawley, used to go to loads of illegals when I was under 18 but now im a bit lazy and dont reach as many as I should, used to go to loads in the shit pit (just up the track from rustington on the a24) as that was the tried and tested pig proof location.

    dunno what im doing for new years, trying to persuade my mates to go to the london illegal (last year was immense, 3000 ppl in a disused car park with a rig on each level) and my other mates are taking their rig. if not then just a little house party with close friends and that. but yeah hopefully illegal and get messy messy!!
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