FORTHCOMING - DJ Jools - High Rolling EP [LRRD25]

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    ..get a lil taster and more info here folks >>>

    Having always enjoyed making electronic music, 2016 has seen Jools have his
    first release on Little Rascal Records with his debut; High Rolling EP, a high
    energy Drum and Bass EP with strong Jungle flavours.
    DJ Jools with a passion for supplying the cutting edge sounds of dance music.

    LABEL: Little Rascal Records
    ARTIST: DJ Jools
    TITLE: High Rolling EP
    GENRE: Drum & Bass / Jungle
    CAT: LRRD25
    RELEASE DATE: 2016-08-15
    TRACKS: 3

    DJ Jools - High Rolling (Original Mix)
    DJ Jools - Psychotropic (Original Mix)
    DJ Jools - Air Raid (Original Mix)

    from Little Rascal Records (direct)
    from Juno Download