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    DnB Benjamin Bass - This Is My LEGACY (Essential Mix)

    Take a listen, let me know what you think; any feedback is greatly appreciated guys :)
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    DnB Andy C 25 Years of RAM Records - IDs Please!

    @ 0:00 the very first tune, and @ 10:45, desperately need that tune, the one with the girl singing in the background! Also, any other IDs to fill out please let me know, very much appreciated guys thanks! 1. 0:00 Andy C - ID? >> 0:50 Chase & Status ft. Seinabo Sey - Know Your Name 2. 1:54...
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    FORTHCOMING - DJ Jools - High Rolling EP [LRRD25]

    ..get a lil taster and more info here folks >>> Having always enjoyed making electronic music, 2016 has seen Jools have his first release on Little Rascal Records with his debut; High Rolling EP, a high energy Drum and Bass EP with strong Jungle flavours. DJ Jools with a passion for supplying...
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