I mean yeah I like heavyweight and talkbox, but what do you guys see that is so amazing about heavyweight? I'm not slating it, just asking for your opinions :)
Heavyweight is just, heavyweight init :)

Aint feelin talkbox THAT much, good but more of Freshes latest stuff is better i think ... HYPERCAINE!
I know i'm gonna get slautered for this but...

heavyweight is big but nothing special.. not too original to be fair and could of been made by a dozen other producers.

where as talkbox is Fresh... simple as! big tune man pure dncefloor material!!
In a club its sick man, not like THE MOST AMAZING TUNE EVER, but a wicked addition to any set

Would make a well good tease aswel

Sure Andy and Friction will be digging this one out for a few years to come
I know this thread is a bit old ...

But Talkbox absolutely smashed Ram apart last night, Culture Shock and Subfocus both played it and the production is amazing

Think this is a bit of a grower and needs to be heard in a rave, imo it sounded fantastic, so much variation throughout the tune
Yeah talkbox does work really well in a big rave... But then heavyweight would too, be a good tune to double drop....
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