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  • u want in on the new mix brudda? i wholey promise not to miss us out, if i do i will give u my address so u can give me a beatin.

    Well i've been Djing since I was 16 now.

    I've found that alot of people take this whole music thing so seriously. Which is great...for the music.

    But when it comes to what you come across then why not have a laugh with it.

    I like to mix it up with the genres but I have a mostly Jump Up/Heavy Sound. I will/have posted some of my mixes up so do give me a bit of constructive critisicm.

    I am part of the R:evolve Crew. Which started as a small night in Bradford 4 years ago, promoting DnB and Dubstep. And now we have our own Soundsystem. We throw free parties in the North along with other crews such as Daylight Robbery, Quake, Gash and Anonomous.

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