Dead Prez Remix - A Surgeon


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Hmmmmm, what can I say. First it's not really my style of Drum & Bass but I'll try to give some constructive feedback on this. :D

I think the drums are a little weak and get repetitive at some points. The kickdrum is washed away a little and could be brought up front a lot more and I would bring the drum fill down a bit since it's pretty loud compared to the main drums. Also there is not really a structure in the track, the only defined part is the intro, but in between it just sounds like 3 minutes of a constant drop, which is not what you want I guess. If you do a better structure on this with a nice break halfway through the track it will sure sound better already, just to let the ears rest a little. Now the next thing I would look at is variation, since it sounds almost the same the entire track, so change the bassline up a bit, add some more synths or vocals.

The drum samples are pretty good and don't need to be changed, just maybe enhanced a bit to make them stand out more. Some of the synths sound pretty good too, maybe a little reverb here and there to make it less dry.

Keep up the good work.