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  • haha thats good cheer of you my man, i appreaciate that, yes, let us do that!

    and ah man, do it, do an EP with this stuff and fking send it to alix perez ffs!! hed probably want to cut a check!
    to make you famous, in dnb, but then again, maybe you already are? i know you been working hard in other sides of EDM and i havent been keeping up much with any other music than my own personal little list, which is varied, one might even say eclectic, but short, to say the least, really short. so i hope htats going good.

    we done three EPs:

    spy jazz dnb
    dark ambient dnb
    samurai dnb

    its fun to work with concepts but also quite challenging and doensnt necessarily come out good at all haha. AT ALL
    no problem man, ill send you a link tomorrow or next week, just whenever you got time.

    also i hope you could make sense of my feedback there - could you?

    i mean the song and engineering is top notch man. cant fault it really! which is quite the accomplisment.
    but i dont the digitall sound, tnis is just my personal preference you understand. i like a more analog tione to things.
    but thats almost beside the pojnt.
    for me this sound is way too digital.

    generally, this song mate? this song is so fuckign good is unreal. im strunk and we havent spoken for awhile, but this is ficlomg dope kai.
    cant fault it. nice one.
    ok ill listen now, and i promise to get back to y ou with what i thought ok? but constructive feedback ok so please dont freak iif i dont immediately raise it to the skies as the best thing ever commirted to media ok? ill listen, say what i thought, and if i can, ill tell you how i think you could do it better. not that i think there is anything i can teach you about production haha. ok? we have a bit of a historu so i figured id just want to be clear so the handbags and weave pullin doesnt start?

    hey maybe you could give me feedback on one of our latest things? say whatever you like, i dont mind feedback from someone who knows their shit+

    anyways welcome back ouwe
    hey buddy welcome back. i know youre sensetive, but i want you to rememeber i always appreciated your art.
    so whats been going on, you did some new graphics or something? got any new tunes?
    always did appreciate your technical style of production. so clean. x
    Hey man, are you that dubstep beat boxer? If so I heard you on youtube before ... pretty f'in sick. :)

    (me and my mate were cracking up at the one you did in the bathroom, some of the noises you were making were jokes!)

    alrite mate, i've been hunting around for spor - blue girl for years and never found it.
    i noticed you had it in your new years mix from 2010.. anyway you could tell me where you got it from - as far as i know it was unreleased so any help would be appreciated.
    for the forum: every time man. Never problems, if you have an account, you can delete your pics or organise them...

    I've been using webhosts in the past too, for a website me and some mates had, host had a problem from time to time, but imageshack has never offered a problem.
    Send us some stuff to remix mate! I wanna begin to see the true power of Logic!

    Or at least the piano from your emotional dubstep track. Sounds SOOO Bar 9 ;)
    well goddamn, i'm almost never in the production section.
    That's the only one i hardly ever go in. x)
    Probably why i haven't seen you before then.
    oy mate! Haven't seen you around on the forum, even though you've been here almost a year.
    Rotterdam. Been there this monday, for that inktaap contest in 'de doelen'.
    I'm from belgium, aalst. So that ain't so far...
    good to see another skateboarder on here aswell, felt good to see your sig.

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