i'd say samurai / mars recordings / diffrent / hustle / auxiliary / space cadets / narratives. there's an absolute shitload at the moment, dnb is winning
Critical, Symmetry and Shogun imo

Edit: lol forgot bout Neosignal :uberlaugh
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RAM and Shogun for me.. although I definitely need to expand my horizons a little. I need to find a good neurofunk label to buy stuff from whilst I patiently wait for BSE's new album.
Critical & Modulations. Both smacking it.

Horizons have been killing it recently. some fantastic stuff has been released from them so far this year. hopefully more to come.

Symmetry has also been decent but I wouldn't say the best label for releases.

Would have said Shogun as well, but with the Prototypes releases, and the Friction bits it definitely brings them down a notch. obviously when Rain & Tripwire get released everyone will be bumming Shogun again, but recently they are pushing a more commercial sound, which is not for me.
fucking lol at ram, serialy, ive heard them all, even the next 1.
it goes ...
drum roooollll .... boooosssawwwhhhhhhhhhkkkk wah wah wah boooosssawwwhhhhhhhhhkkk slightly different wha wha repeat x 64 breakdown, rinse lather repeat end.. yawn

that dimensions 5 ep was a step in the right direction but still not matching the same quality as other labels imo

correct answers are

critical / modulations
INGREDIENTS which you all forgot but i know you agree.. shame on u :teeth:

but thats just my personal preference
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