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  • yeah i knew it'd be pretty expensive....Plus really for an event on a small scale like mine probely wouldnt really be worth it...thanks for finding out tho matey.....think the next reformed may be a directors cut take-over (and its a big maybe) may have to get you down for the following one from that as not sure what time we can get cafe1oo1 until yet...going to see them tonight and book two i'll defo have a date for you guys by the end of the week...and we'll proberly start doing them more regular towards the end of the year too.
    hello matey.....thanks again for coming down sat.....good to meet good peopple from the forum not the usual idiots you find on here......should be sorting the date for the next one this week so ill keep you posted......also was going to talk to you about getting an ad in dj mag.....i imagine its expensive though. Anyway, first things first, ill get a date booked and then we can talk about that....good to see you though bud.
    Hey there.... wicked uploads in the mixes section by the work mate

    Come over to Disfunktional Radio and check us out..... we have loads of DnB Djs who are regular posters on here - you may see our banner in their sig strip quite aften...... Please sign upto our forum and make yourself known in our 'introduce yourself' section to see how friendly we all are over there...... members of our forum also get access to our mixes section, where we have pages and pages of mixes from A-List Djs and our very own residents plus you can upload mixes you have.... look forward to seeing you around- please state i sent you over when you join up and post your into
    Timetable: plus instructions on how to apply for a show

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