my names glen. i got pressured into joining this forum by the sods from dexcell. thought i'd give it a whirl. so hows it goin?

i make tunes, have done for fucking ages now. did loads of weird d+b stuff, just started making some dubstep bits, gonna do a bit more d+b soon though. i do my tunes under the names polygon (, gravity (, and did some stuff with culprate and slick as fishman vs slugnemesis ( Do a bit of DJing, much less since my decks fucking broke, but i'm playing at ill moot in watford this friday (1st set out live in ages too).

As for my tastes in d+b, i mostly like deep and/or dark tunes, well into my old jungley bits, especially the likes of source direct, and the old techstep stuff like all the no u turn bits. On the more recent tip i quite like some of this minimal stuff thats been coming out atm, a lot of the 'neuro' stuff like noisia and spor and the like, and the odd bit of filthy stuff (current value). been getting quite into dubstep too, well like the more intelligent stuff, and the wobbley stuff doesnt piss me off too much yet. I love fucked up idm/experimental shit like squarepusher, aphex, boards of canada, that sort of thing, old 60s/70s rock, pretty much anything that i consider to be interesting really.

errr, so there you go.