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Hi best introduce myself hadn't i really seeing as i haven't done it and have over 100 post or so!

Im James, live between Bath and Salisbury, Been into the scene since 92 and the transition from hardcore to Jungle/DnB, im pretty one track minded in terms of what i listen too, dont like anything else other that breaks and Bass, DnB being my main passion love anything DnB

Been clubbing since 95, Mixing for a year and a half ( wish id started earlier!! ) and Producing for even less time with Reason 4.

Fave Dj's through the years that made me love the scene, Grooverider, DRS Gachet, LTJ Bukem, Kenny Ken of the old skool......Alix Perez, Calibre, Break, Icicle and Spectrasoul of the new breed ( yes i love me liquid mostly....and yes Calibre is not new skool as much as the others!! :) )

Mainly go clubbing in Bristol, Swindon and Bournemouth, favorite club was Fabric so far, best rave was Dreamscape 20 and One Nation at the Millenium dome NYE 2000

Mostly work from home as my job lets me do this.....sweet!!!, spend most of the day learning to use Reason from scratch!!! it aint easy.

Seen some funny shit on the forum, people here crack me up, also some big divides but in general i see one big happy family.....glad to be a part of it all!

Respect to all of you

Horse ( my nick name ) :)
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