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  • thanks man. Going to update and renew soon. I see you know more belgium users on here, try to invite them.

    We'll launch it, and keep it vibrant...
    cheers, and thanks again man
    dan zijt ge garantie op localbeatz geweest wsl :p current value, limewax en consoorten vind ik allemaal nie slecht xD maar ik ben meer een wobblehead: original sin, taxman, butcher, zen, levala, hazard, pleasure, jayline, heist,... en qua liquid ben ik voor logistics (dat liedje slow motion omg, da is een killer), high contrast etc..
    ge moet me maar es toevoegen op msn:
    dan kunnen we nog wat ervaringen delen :D
    hé kibon, gij zijt van genk ofwa? cool, ik dus ook xD toevallig da ik net in een topic iemand tegenkom :D
    Easy bruv!!! Just giving you a heads up on our newest Haunted Hospital Session. Part 3..... Check it out mate!! We respect your opinion bro! so leave some feedback!!! Would be much appreciated!

    "TMDStudios presents BeBop & RocksteadyUK. The duo otherwise known as The Mutant DJs team up with MC Gusto once again to hit you with another killer studio session, set in the dark depths of a derelict London hospital. Prepare for an onslaught of Dancefloor smashers, Neuro rollers and bashy Jump-Up.

    Look out for the new series coming soon. Haunted Hospital Sessions, The Outpatients. Featuring some of dnb's best up'n'coming talents.



    Silent Witness - Twin Town
    Sub Focus - Druggy
    Skynet feat. NC 17 - Sea Of Life
    Cyantific & Kasra - Outer Limits
    The Force - Welcome To Earth
    Brockie & Ed Solo - Turntable 1 (Bengal Remix)
    Phobia - Singularity
    GDub Vs Taxman - Warp Speed
    Fresh - The Field
    Dangerous - Desert Eagle
    Mutated Forms - No 1
    Cabbie - Test Flight
    Eye-D - Unicorn MF (Black Sun Empire Remix)
    Cabbie - Cant Stop Me
    DJ Pleasure - The Cube
    DJ Hazard - Killers Dont Die
    Fresh - Gold Dust
    DJ Hazard - Beware Cowards
    Skynet feat. NC17 - Mean Streets
    Quadrant & Cease feat. Didi B - Rage & Rapture
    Break - Spleash Step
    Roni Size - Watching Windows (Dies Gnarly Vocal Remix
    Black Sun Empire - Skin Deep (Eye-D Remix)

    Hope you enjoy.
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