A Propa Interview with DJ Rap


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Sep 30, 2012
World-renowned producer, actress, singer/songwriter and queen of the jungle are just a few of the ways that you might describe the endlessly talented Charissa Saverio aka DJ Rap. From her days playing the graveyard shifts on Fantasy FM to making music alongside the likes of Hans Zimmer and everything in between, DJ Rap takes the time to tell us all about her illustrious music career.

Hi Charissa how’s it going?

Good thanks, hold on let me just go in the other room, I’ve just been having a little mix on the decks!

Nice! Bit of a warm-up ahead of Moondance on Saturday 16th June?

Yeah, something like that!

You just got back from London, what shows did you perform at?

Yeah, I’ve had a couple, Jungle Mania, Shelley’s reunion, and a boatload of great radio shows,. This is basically the pre-tour tour if that makes sense. It’s a press tour. This is just to let everyone know I’m back and then in June I’ll be back for a month for more...

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