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What do you expect from a DNB night?

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Lu Lu

Hello everybody !

My name is Lu and I study Events Management along with other few activities connected with marketing,music events,art exhibitions.
I have recently joined Manga legends DJ Kid and G-Mac in their new DNB project called Tempo.
You can find dedicated facebook page and event link for the launch night happening on the 5th of November at La Belle Angéle.
The main scope of this project is to provide a stable monthly reunion for the ravers/dnb/jungle/breakbit community around Scotland. Is about mixing old school DNB (Manga Residents at Tempo), and modern DNB (Dr.Meaker from Bristol and Upfront as Tempo's first guests) , building a strong community that will later join further related projects. We have a lot in mind and Tempo should help us finding the right people for the right vibes.
We have Explicit resident MC BZ which will set the right tone for the night.

Support the night, be part of Tempo!
Discounted tickets and promotion offered to first supporters.
See you on the 5th!

TEMPO is coming..