☆ BCNo.⓽ ☆ Remixe’s 3 London Elektricity New Tracks 2016



Here are the three remixes I have completed from using only the vocal stem for each track. Also a lot of flexing and stretching on the vocals to get them to sync with my new version of the original. I take remixing and covering songs very serious and I have officially released a dozen on iTunes over the past two years. The remix/cover should be completely your own I feel while giving some paid homage to the original artist is some creative way without copying in any way shape or form thee original. If I wanted to hear the original I would listen to it. I have remixed three of London Electricity’s tracks from “Are We There Yet” late 2015 release on Hospital Records after obtaining permission from Tony Colman personally. I was happy to hear his feed back and encouragement to keep rollin, so I remixed Phase Us and I just finished Tenerless today. “Are we there yet “ is a great album . After the release of Yikes I was waiting ….for the next. Emer Dineen does a great job on the vocals. Also Esmeralda appears with Tony on the Urbandawn ep. Always loved her vocals ever since “Just one second” The stems are now available on Beatport for purchase.Have fun and please share your remixes. https://soundcloud.com/jason-bakes%2Fhospital-demo-artificial-skin-remix https://soundcloud.com/jason-bakes%2Fphase-us-remix https://soundcloud.com/jason-bakes%2Fxtene-bcno-tenderless
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