1. A

    R3K0D3D - DnB Classics Remixed Vol.1

    Thought you guys might appreciate this mix, filled with remixes of classics DnB choons! Track List Rufige Kru - Terminator (S.P.Y. Remix) Doc Scott - Here Come The Drumz (Breakage Remix) FBD Project - The Core (DJ Vapour Remix) Spinback and Gwange - The Execution (Serum Remix) Q Project -...
  2. Polymer

    DnB Kungs - This Girl (Drum and Bass Remix)

    A recent dnb remix i've done of Kungs vs. Cookin' on 3 Burners - "This Girl". Any feedback appreciated!
  3. A

    R3K0D3D - DnB Remixes Vol.1

    Here's a mix filled with some popular tunes given the good ole drum & bass treatment, starts off with some hip hop/rnb influenced classics, then a sprinkle of pop, trip hop and house or whatever genre you want to classify them? Track...
  4. B

    ☆ BCNo.⓽ ☆ Remixe’s 3 London Elektricity New Tracks 2016

    Here are the three remixes I have completed from using only the vocal stem for each track. Also a lot of flexing and stretching on the vocals to get them to sync with my new version of the original. I take remixing and covering songs very serious and I have officially released a dozen on iTunes...
  5. Rimski

    House "Autumn's choice" September's best deep house

    Music is all under CC licence, check artists in the description Only video is done by me
  6. Rimski

    DnB Journey through Drum and Bass

    Tracklist: Tr10. Re(Ampersand) - 衛星トリフネ(Ampersand D'n'B Remix) 3.25 [Liquid] - Kepler by Ryrix 4.50 Fire Dance - kvalae [DNB.175BPM] 5.07 Departure - Musepie 4.57 Dnb by circular dope 3.50 Alex M - Supreme (Miniwoice DnB RmX) 6.50 Krispy - Rain 3.51 Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela) 3.42 DUZI -...
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