1. Animal UK

    Quick intro... *waves*

    DJ/Producer from London - 30. Collector of music since I was a baby. Got my first set of decks at 12. Made some pretty bad life choices as a youth and did some time in the pen. Have always been into DJing but never really took it seriously. In the past year or so, I happened upon a squat party...
  2. BassThredz

    What up from the Pacific Northwest!!

    Hey guys! I am a lover of all things bass, Drum and Bass in particular. I have a DnB clothing brand-Bass Thredz, which I created because there seemed to be a lot of sucky/lame shirts out there that didn't really rep the DnB love proper. Check out my site if you're in the market for some new...
  3. Ezim4n

    New to the forum and Just saying hey!

    Hey forum, I am from London and go by the name eziman (easyman) and I dj dubstep / dnb on vinyl and serato. Hoping to connect with people on here, find some fresh music and learn about new artists. I used to run small dnb/jungle/reggae events in East London but with recent club and bar shut...
  4. DillonJ

    Beginner looking for step by step learning process

    I've just downloaded Logic X and started to familiarise myself with the DAW, as you can probably imagine it's rather overwhelming. The first steps I have taken is to literally throw together a basic kick/snare/symbol beat through one of the sequencer plugins called 'Ultrabeat'. I've done this...
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