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Aug 4, 2015
I've just downloaded Logic X and started to familiarise myself with the DAW, as you can probably imagine it's rather overwhelming.

The first steps I have taken is to literally throw together a basic kick/snare/symbol beat through one of the sequencer plugins called 'Ultrabeat'. I've done this now I'm trying to see where I should go from here. It's all good learning about compression, all the bus 1/2 malarkey however at this stage I'm just looking to throw together a basic 16 bar section with all the various elements you'd find in a half decent track.

I'm looking for beginner tutorials online for getting a bass line in your track, synths etc all the other key elements found in DnB. Whenever I see tutorials they don't seem to be focussed on the absolute beginner and I seem to loose myself.

If you had to split the learning process up into modules to learn what should I be searching for online?

Also I seem to be put off by any tutorials that aren't on Logic, would they still share the same process as the DAW's look completely different.
Update: I've contacted my local apple store in Brisbane Australia and they offer free group classes on Logic Pro X for 90 minutes so I've signed up for that which is in two weeks, I've also spent the day watching through MusicTechHelpGuy youtube videos all on Logic Pro Xs interface which should give me an understanding of what everything is and why it is there.

^^ Wasted a couple of hours listening to that guy talk about Autopunch and Guitar solos, I'm now watching the Mastering EDM series on Logic which is a lot more relatable to what I'll be producing.

Hopefully I can link up my iPad and use that as a Midi Keyboard, it seemed to have issues last night saying I need to update my Logic Version before I can use it as the Logic remote.
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Good luck but remember that experimentation and just messing around are a great way to learn/ have fun!

Don't know if this makes any sense to you but I think there are elements in there that might help.

Don't know if this makes any sense to you but I think there are elements in there that might help.

Brilliant video there, it's not aimed at telling you what to do but more what to expect and what to look out for which was great. I've taken a few drips and drabs from there along with spending hours today watching the Mastering EDM series on youtube. I feel a whole lot more comfortable with the whole thing compared to this morning which is great.

Hopefully If I can aim to get something I'm not completely ashamed of in the next 6 months would be great however I know this sort of thing takes years of practice.
6 months is assuming you work on it full time i.e. 40 hours a week. Even then I'd say more like a year until you actually get good, even at 40 hours a week.
Yes I'll definitely have to put in the time. Everything seemed to be absorbing nicely, now I'm onto music theory which is really giving me a head ache lol.
should have a course of some what in brisbane, i did one here in perth 10 week course and prob shaved at least a year off learning. you will learn everything you need to start making music anyway including music theory or at least the tips and tricks to make it easy
I'll have a look online however I'm sure they will be charging ridiculous prices, I'm mid way through a back packing trip but staying in Brisbane with family for a while so I'm not over flowing with cash right now lol.

Music theory seems to be partially conquered however I'm still slightly skull fucked by it, it was the scales that caught me out however I've found a trick to mark the major and minor scales from my root note on the piano roll in my DAW and have them muted so I've constantly got a scale to reference which seems to keep me right.

At the end of the day it's just a string of notes that climb in sequence to follow when playing a particular chord to ensure it's kept in key, I'm sure i'll grasp it sooner or later.​
You got the right idea with shadowing the notes. Yea if not youtubes great im always on there watching tutorials
Yeah that was from the mastering EDM series, I'll finish this whole series of 50 episodes which are specific to Logic then i'll start watching tutorials specific to Dnb, I need to learn layering techniques when creating my own drums. Turno has a decent tutorial on limelight TV which explains a lot if you haven't seen it
Yeah I checked out Alex Perez's & a little of Audios masterclass from there earlier, I need to find some specific tutorials on the different layers of percussion used to give a different vibe. I can get together some basic beats but they're pretty empty sounding at the minute, if you know of any let me know.
delta heavy just dropped one. you have to buy it and its breaking down their new track will be worth a download
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