New to the forum and Just saying hey!


Feb 6, 2017
Hey forum,

I am from London and go by the name eziman (easyman) and I dj dubstep / dnb on vinyl and serato. Hoping to connect with people on here, find some fresh music and learn about new artists.

I used to run small dnb/jungle/reggae events in East London but with recent club and bar shut downs its no longer feasible for me :/. Since I don't play out that much any more I decided to start a podcast project which focuses on mainly dnb with some jungle, reggae and dubstep, no cheesy EDM stuff. I am hoping to connect with other people and possibly invite them to lay down a 30 minute podcast for the project..

I recently kicked off the project by laying down the first mix, 30 minutes of halftime dnb (If that the official name for this sub genre ?!) with some new and not so new tunes in the selection. I put in some links in the bottom if you wish to check it. Let me know what you think.

Cheers people
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