1. B

    Andy C at Moonshine Portsmouth

    A rare chance to see the world's best DnB DJ in a 400 cap venue. Tickets selling fast. https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Portsmouth/Moonshine/Concrete-Music-Presents-Andy-C/36308035/
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    Andy C at Moonshine Portsmouth

    A rare chance to see the world's best DnB DJ in a 400 cap venue. Tickets going fast. https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Portsmouth/Moonshine/Concrete-Music-Presents-Andy-C/36308035/
  3. J


    ⚠️📢💥Go check out this NEW dirty DNB track SMOKIN' PLENTY. NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS ⚠️📢💥
  4. dustaudio

    DnB Free Tune / Clima feat Slider & Expose | Dust Audio

    Clima featuring Slider & Expose have decided to unleash the Quaratune during these uncertain times. They take a trip down route 160bpm for a bass laden tribal excursion. Free download to all. Stay Safe. **It was originally entitled Mayotune but Quarantune is more apt for these times
  5. Alex Archer

    DnB AP B!O - Mix 000 (EP Promo Mix)

    AP B!O - Mix 000 Please enjoy the first installment of AP B!O’s mix series. This mix highlights the launch of this project by Alekay and Paturn, featuring their forthcoming debut EP “Diet Triangle”. You can hear all 5 original tunes along with the duo’s personal favorites - track list included...
  6. A

    DnB [Drum & Bass/Jungle] No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two)

    COVER ART: LINK: No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two) MIXED BY: MAKIVELLA GENRE: UK - Jungle - DnB - Deep - Heavy - Dark - Halftime - Vibes AUDIO QUALITY: WAV TRACKLISTING: 1. 2Monk - Make Some Action 2. Pablo Dread - On My Way 3. Revaux - Projections (Revaux Remix) 4. Battery -...
  7. Morah

    Galacy Identities LP

    This is such a good LP from Liquicity's sister label, Galacy Check the whole thing out here: https://smarturl.it/GalacyIdentities and my track from the LP: love to hear your thoughts :D Big love Low:r
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  9. D

    Dj Zigy Podcast #75 Puck this ship ! I want to drum n bass.

  10. V

    Scut brings the midweek neuro madness to the masses !

    Save The Date, Junglists !! Scut brings the midweek Neuro madness to the masses ... https://www.facebook.com/scutdj/ BIG Live DJ Set Session : >>> Wednesday 24 January 2018 !!!!! 6h00 pm to 7h30 pm > Uk Time ! 7h00 pm to 8h30 pm > Madrid & Paris Time ! 8h00 pm to 9h30 pm > Johannesburg...
  11. dustaudio

    DnB January Blues? - Dust Audio Vinyl Sale - 1 week only

    Have you got the January Blues? Well, why not purchase some fantastic vinyl from Dust Audio! Grab here: https://goo.gl/LdfuZH 1 week only and all vinyl has been slashed in price
  12. dustaudio

    DnB Slider & Expose - Dustcast 003 | Lots of forthcoming music

    Slider & Expose present 003 of the Dustcast An hour plus of music from Dust Audio, and lots of forthcoming music we are currently feeling. No Talking, just rollin' Music from the likes of: Friske, Digital, Hannah Eve, Jazzatron, Slider & Expose, Clima, Kiril, Ahmad, Spirit, Black Barrel...
  13. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #9

    facebook.com/thingmusic instagram.com/thingmusic thingmusic.bandcamp.com
  14. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #8

    facebook.com/ThingMusic twitter.com/thing_estonia @thing_estonia instagram.com/thingmusic bandcamp.com/thingmusic
  15. dustaudio

    DnB Dust Audio Test Presses from the Archives - On Sale Now

    We have just put on sale a hand full of Test Presses from our past Dust Audio releases. Very Rare and very limited so once they have gone they will never be on sale again! Go to our store: https://goo.gl/9EgTbp
  16. R

    Dubstep Analog bitch.

  17. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #5

  18. Missunderstood

    DnB Mysterious as the dark side of the soon

    Heya guys, Here is my very first mix, I've done it ages ago with some shitty decks but I decide to post it anyway. Because Drum and Bass is my therapy, I wanna share it with all of you guys, and I hope you'll enjoy it! Feel free to share and tell me what you think about it All advices are...
  19. Missunderstood

    DNB is my therapy

    Yoooooo ! My name's Vanessa, I'm 20 years (btw i made a mistake when I created my account, so can any admin please changes my year of birth 2002 to 1997 lol great thank you)... So I'm French and I moved in London 8 months ago... I left everything, my parents, my bro, my puppies, my friends...
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    Have a listen (dj ispeed)

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