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Scut brings the midweek neuro madness to the masses !


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Save The Date, Junglists !!

Scut brings the midweek Neuro madness to the masses ...


BIG Live DJ Set Session :

>>> Wednesday 24 January 2018 !!!!!

6h00 pm to 7h30 pm > Uk Time !

7h00 pm to 8h30 pm > Madrid & Paris Time !

8h00 pm to 9h30 pm > Johannesburg Time !

Serious Drum'n'Bass tracks by the way of Live Streaming Dj Sets ... Weekly !!!

Next Live Show : >>> Wednesday 24 January 2018 !!!!!

Check the Last Sessions here ! > https://www.youtube.com/user/330stan

Enjoy, Share & Follow Him Before The Next DnB Show !!!

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