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Jun 14, 2017
Yoooooo !

My name's Vanessa, I'm 20 years (btw i made a mistake when I created my account, so can any admin please changes my year of birth 2002 to 1997 lol great thank you)...
So I'm French and I moved in London 8 months ago... I left everything, my parents, my bro, my puppies, my friends, everythings...

Why I moved in London? For few reasons... I didn't like Paris anymore, didn't like the vibes, no motivations...
So I just left with my £300 left in my bank account and started a new life here in London. Ngl, it was so hard at the beginning, shitty job, weird flatmate, had to move home twice, loneliness... I took long to took my firts steps but I finally met great people...
I learned to live by myself, i discovered the real life : rent, bills, responsability, papers, job... Now I'm good my social life isn't too bad at the moment :) Anyway.

I discover the Bass Music 3 years ago, thanks to a friend, who "forced" me to come to a dubstep/dnb raves with her on the 1st weekend when I turned 18 years old... I was septic, it was a dubstep/drum and bass rave and I ngl I finally I felt in love with this kind of music, the vibes, the bass, the SAVAGERY!!! I used to listen some old tunes when I was like 12yo but I didn't know it was DnB lol :p I also remember watching some aftermovies of raves when I was 14... but I couldn't makes them as my parents were very sctrict...

So by then I started, raving raving raving every weekends in Paris, I met my (ex now) boy friend there, I also met great peoples (almost my best friends by now) but also some nasty persons, I won't go into details...
You know what, uncunconsciously I had a crush into Jump up since the beginning! When I started raving, I couldn't even makes the difference between all those kind of bass music... But litteraly everytime I hearded a Jump Up tune I went mental, dancing like ever !!!
And then went this fucking Invaderz Year Party 2015, I dunno why I decide to go there, I did not even know any of the DJs of the line up... but lemme tell you man, it was like a revelation... JUMP UP WAS MY THING!!! And from there, I went in Belgium like 10 times, Prague, Amsterdam etc.. just for Drum and Bass... following my favorites DJs, I've met many of them... Pretty cool. I'm listenning Drum and Bass all the time, in my room, transport, walking, chilling, drinking, raving ofc... everytime, and I tryna get all my friends into it :p

Now I wanna share this feeling with people, I wanna make people dance like I dance, so I can tell I'm a french female beginner DJ... and I tryna learn to produce aswell, but it's pretty hard as I work a lot, you know, London life... But I will do it... I've got some ideas, I go on slowly, but safely...

Now I can tell, Drum and Bass in the MAIN reason why I moved in London, not the only one, but for sure the main one... Drum and Bass is my therapy, this is my lover...

Sorry for the mistakes english isn't my native language haha...
So here we go, welcome to my world, and I hope i'll find my place here!

Here is my first mix, feel free to have a listen!

Cheers from London!!!

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Sep 13, 2010
What a shame, I wrote it with all my heart hahaha :)

Ahhh Welcome... This is a place of MEN. MEN afraid of women. Welcome to the forum, I hope all is well London, anybody that makes fun of you,,, Just call them a small dick cocksucker.

Anyway, I am an American and we speak one language over here, how did you learn English so well, and before you think I am being a jerk, remember, my people voted for Trump.


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Aug 30, 2008
Yes, noticed Ivan oversteps the boundaries of common decency that the fellow cheesers uphold, shooting around messages on the sly
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