1. PRTCL

    PRTCL - Breakout (New one from myself)

    Hi All, I have a new track which is out next week, but a full length version of the track has gone live on the Mor Dnb YouTube Channel: You can also buy the mp3 ahead of the general release from my Bandcamp: I hope you enjoy the tune, try listening to it on a...
  2. Morah

    Drum & Bass Low:r - The Movement Promo Mix

    Promo mix i recorded for DIFFERENT DRUMZ Free download up on the site or you can stream it from Soundcloud 1. Dreamin' Ft Siilhouette - Lowr 2. Vona - UrbanDawn 3. Yellow Shoes - DJ Marky, S.P.Y 4. Somebody New feat. Tiffani Juno (Jakwob VIP) - Jakwob 5. Dojo - Zen Dub & Karas 6. Obsolete -...
  3. Kolendo

    Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You (Kolendo Bootleg) :: Liquid Funk/Ragga Vibes WIP - need feedback

    Once I'm finished this remix I'll probably release it as a free EP along with another tune I posted on here a couple days ago (should still be near the top of the new talent subforum). I'm trying REALLY hard to get the Nina Simone sample fitting nicely in the mix, it's a shame no one has ever...
  4. Wyzyx

    Drum & Bass Deep, techy and rolling mix (Wyzyx presentation)

    Hello guys, I would like to submit you my latest mix! I'm new on this forum so let me introduce myself :) I'm Esteban, I come from Belgium and I have 20 years! It's been 5 years since I'm really into drum and bass, the first dnb track I've listened was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by High Contrast! I...
  5. Kit_Curse

    Kit Curse - Medication (Free Download)

    Listen: Download:
  6. Morah

    Drum & Bass Low:r - Through the Ground

    So this is the 5th and final track from the Ebb 'N Flow EP this one is a ground rumbler all 5 track are due to be released October 3rd Exciting times :D Facebook: Twitter: Ben
  7. fifrelet

    The Treasure Island Mix - [ + unpopular opinion to discuss]

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this community, really glad to see that dnb generates so much passion & gather so many people, great forum :) So here is a new mix I've been working on, gathered up pretty much I'm into lately! I had tons of fun recording it, and I'd be grateful if some of you...
  8. Morah

    Drum & Bass [Forthcoming] Low:r - Ebb N Flow EP [Such Music Preview]

    Hey, Our next release is MASSIVE. Low:r has put together an incredible 5 track EP called "Ebb N Flow." Previews will be going up weekly. This is the beginning of his rise to the top of the DnB game, watch out. First up, the track "Blind Tide" ‪ other tracks will be uploaded every Thursday until...
  9. I

    New Tropical/Chill Mix

  10. I

    House For Tropical House Lovers

  11. NuVentureRecord

    Nu Venture Records Presents: SND [NVR027: OUT NOW!]

    ► Nu Venture Records Presents: SND [NVR027: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 5 x Deep, Minimal, Vocal & Liquid DnB | Listen: ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£2.95* + 2 FREE Tracks & Mix!) [Beatport] (*£5.70*) [iTunes] (*£3.99*) [Juno] (*£3.74*)...
  12. NuVentureRecord

    mSdoS - Provision // Sublimit - Cosmic Space [NVR026: OUT NOW!]

    ► mSdoS - Provision // Sublimit - Cosmic Space [NVR026: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Heavy, Tech, Jungle DnB | Listen: ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.75* + FREE Dexcell Track & Mix!) [Beatport] (*£2.60*) [iTunes] (*£1.98*) [Juno]
  13. NuVentureRecord

    Duoscience - Intent // Indifferences [NVR025: OUT NOW!]

    ► Duoscience - Intent // Indifferences [NVR025: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Deep & Jungle DnB! | Listen here: ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.75* + FREE Dexcell Track & Mix!) [Beatport] (*£2.60*) [iTunes] (*£1.98*) [Juno] (*£1.91*)...
  14. NuVentureRecord

    Rafau Etamski - Push For Love // SND - Foresight [NVR024: OUT NOW!]

    ► Rafau Etamski - Push For Love // SND - Foresight [OUT NOW!] ◄ ● NVR024: Vocal & Deep DnB! | Listen: ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.65* + FREE TRACK & MIX!) [Beatport] (*£2.60*) [iTunes] (*£1.98*) [Juno] (*£1.91*)...
  15. Djinn

    [MCR] 10 YRS of RUPTURE - Breakage / Loxy / Equinox / Double 0 / Mantra +more @ Sound Control 30/07

    Tickets : £7 Early Bird + BF // £10 Advance + BF // £14 OTD Skiddle : Resident Advisor : FB Event link ...
  16. L.A.S.

    L.A.S. - IPCmafia Beats 01

    Hey everyone, Here is an hour-long one made for our Hungarian webzine 'Impulsecreator' / Tunes from the past few months, forthcoming ones and a real classic. Mood: grey. Halfstep, deep scuba-diving, rollers and amen. Enjoy! :) Tracklist: ReDraft & Reminder – Your Love –...
  17. NuVentureRecord

    ► Tremah - Webs // Encounter [NVR022: OUT NOW!] ◄

    ► Tremah - Webs // Encounter [NVR022: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Deep Liquid DnB! | Listen here: ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.65* + FREE TRACK & MIX!) [Beatport] (*£2.60*) [iTunes] (*£1.98*) [Juno] (*£1.91*) [TrackItDown]...
  18. M

    Drum & Bass Physics (Midnight Sun, Fokuz, Celsius) - BASSO FM 4/4/2016 Steam/DL

    Physics - Drum & Bass Show 04/04/2016 guest mix Dj Prospero Madcap: Melaine Malaky & SATL: What You Need The Invaderz ft. Fulmore: Duke Drift Saxxon: Only 1nce Again Optiv & BTK: Insight [Segement & Concept Vision Remix] Blade: T.H.U.G Muffler: Universe SATL: BLO Physics ft. Jere Garcia: Silent...
  19. viceversa

    Vice Versa - Live at Candy's Apartment 2016-03-17

    If a mod could move this to the mixes section that'd be awesome! Hailing from Sydney Australia, brothers Mirage & Ro (Rajesh and Rohan Deshpande) are Vice Versa. Known for their driving, soulful rollers, the pair broke into the global scene of drum and bass through LTJ Bukem and his seminal...
  20. P

    Physics - Basso Radio D&B show 7/3/2016 - DL / Stream

    Physics monthly Drum&Bass show on BASSO FM Tracklist: Kolectiv: Straight To The Ground JaM Thieves: Do It LJHigh: One And Only Need For Mirrors: Falling Water Malaky & SATL: Randez Vouz Saxxon: Only 1nce Again Velocity: The MoonStone Theme Smote: Angel Semi Sense: Rain All Night Physics...