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The Treasure Island Mix - [ + unpopular opinion to discuss]


New Member
Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to this community, really glad to see that dnb generates so much passion & gather so many people, great forum :)

So here is a new mix I've been working on, gathered up pretty much I'm into lately! I had tons of fun recording it, and I'd be grateful if some of you provide me some feedbacks !!


Noisia - Into Dust // Vision Recordings
Ewun - Screw Up [The Upbeats Remix] // Lifted Music
Mefjus - Surrounded // Critical Music
BTK - Megahertz // Renegade Hardware
Emperor - Foxholes // Critical Music
Phace & Signs - Pamplemousse // Neodigital
L 33 - Drop it Down Low // Eatbrain
A-Cray - Nuclear Whatever // Let It Roll
Telekinesis - Listen // Blackout
Disprove - FRQNCS // Eatbrain
Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit // Vision Recordings
Dj Guv & Dominator - Ninja Technique // Low Down Deep Recordings
Phace & Current Value - Wild Thing // Critical Music
Decimal Bass - Work For Nothing // Playaz
Insideinfo - Conformity // Viper Recordings
Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk [Mefjus Remix] // Critical Music
Hamilton - Bounce That // RAM Records
Pythius ft. MC Kryptomedic - Driveyard [Signs Edit] // Blackout
L Plus - Avenger // Technique Recordings
Cyantific - The Tomorrow People // CYN Music
Decimal Bass & Konichi - Com Mon // Drum&BassArena
DJ Hazard - Time Tripping // Playaz
DJ Zinc - 174 Trek // Playaz
Serum & Voltage - Save This World // Philly Blunt
TC ft. Fats - Quick Jungle // 3beat Records
Roni Size - Rock the boat // Full Cycle
RAM Trilogy - Milky Way // RAM Records
BassBrothers - WTF // Playaz
Jam Thieves - Minimal Funk // Playaz
Gerra & Stone - Too Deep // Dispatch Recordings
Fre4knc - Cardiome // Invisible Recordings
Alys Be & Markee Ledge - Saturn [Break Remix] // Zonal Recordings
Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound // RAM Records
Ivy Lab - Spooky Dub // Critical Music
TC ft. Jakes - Rep [S.P.Y Remix] // Hospital Records
Break - The Flux // Symmetry Recordings
Break - Duck For Cover // Symmetry Recordings
TC ft. Jakes - Next Hype // 3beat Records
Frankee - Gully // RAM Records
June Miller - Spin Test // RAM Records
Agressor Bunx - Time Shift // Program
Optimal - No Future // Unsigned (dub)
Signs - Clockout // Piranha Pool
L 33 - Strange Things // Eatbrain
Mefjus & Misanthrop - Stutter // Critical Music
Noisia - Mantra // Vision
Frankee - Love & Peace // Ram Records
Spectrasoul ft. Terri Walker - Light In The Dark // Shogun Audio


So yeah, basically, I'm into mixing since 2 years now, mainly for fun, and there is one thing that always has really grinded my gears:
Why so people are so much tending to reject DJs that use controller instead of CDJs or vinyles?

My point is, we are constantly evolving in terms of hardware / technology. And the same way as CDs increased drastically the possibilities that the DJs had (comparing to vinyle), I feel like controller allows the DJ to have a better control and hand on the result the DJ really wants to provide to its crowd / listeners.
I understand how frustrating it must be for old school DJs to see a huge amount of wannabe-djs that did not really have to go through the complex learning of having to set your tunes on the same pitch, and async them only using your fingers & hears.
But what really matters in the end is to provide to the people the best experience that can be, regardless the way you do it, don't you think?

So why is it so controverted in the DNB scene to be using what appears to be the latest piece of technology, that (IMO) is only a way to gain time and efficiency? Is it about the quality of the result output?

Anyway, I'd be glad to hear out your opinions about this, not hear to start a fire or riot :) Feel free to connect with me on soundcloud as well, I'd be glad to hear from you, and your production / mixes as well !