1. prettyherb

    Feedback on deep liquid track

    Whoo!! Been ages since i've posted a track here for feedback... Would be nice to know how you are feeling this one. The little vocal in the breakdown i'm still not to keen on, just added it yesterday and it needs some more finetuning. Yo Ruben
  2. NuVentureRecord

    ► Definition LP 2: [FREE 8 Track DnB Compilation!] ◄

    ► Definition LP 2: FREE 8 Track DnB Compilation! ◄ ● Fracture Design | Blastikz | Ji Ben Gong | Chrizz0r | SND | ALB ● ► Download the Definition LP 2 here: ► Definition LP 2: Release Mix [FREE DOWNLOAD!]: ► Amphix & Zerbaman - Blurred Vision (Fracture Design Remix) [FREE...
  3. M

    Drum & Bass Midnight Sun Recordings Presents : Yed Prior - Ellie / Viber - MSRNU001

    BUY ON DIGITAL TUNES : ARTIST : Yed Prior LABEL : Midnight Sun Recordings RELEASE DATE : 29.2.2016 (Exclusive to 22.2, other shops 29.2.) Writing, production : Janis Hållman Distributed worldwide by : Triple Vision Music...
  4. Bizzmo

    Free minimal/deep mix download

    Hey ppl, Catch my dnb mix from my SC. Free download: Its not really fresh but i think you'll like it. Some of my productions included. Tracklist available. Soon i will push my new EP, so follow me if U like. Peace, Bizzmo
  5. Digitaltunes

    Physics & Dave Ashton - Basso FM 2/2/2016 - DL / Stream show

    Drum & Bass Show - Physics & Dave Ashton - 02/02/2016 Tracklist: Audiosketch ft. Salaryman: Diving Deep Lenzman ft. Riya: Open Page [Subwave remix] K-Jah: Motor City Duoscience & Maurs: Looking Out Of Me Neveready: Deep Listening [Physics Remix] Alexander In Paris: Man Vs Kid [Physics Remix]...
  6. SublimitDNB

    Sublimit / Two Souls EP - Forthcoming on Citate Forms

    Hi there, our first post here and would like to share our latest EP forthcoming on Citate Forms (Russia) featuring two deep liquid tunes. We hope you like what we do! We love to hear new music, post your links in this thread too :) TWO SOULS EP: 1) Two Souls (Soundcloud Preview) 2) Motion...
  7. dcypherx

    Decypher - Heretics (Deep DnB)

    new tune is up on the cloud :2thumbs: any feedback/support is appreciated acapella used: fracture x sam binga x rider shafique - she want it ruff (astrophonica) bless
  8. NuVentureRecord

    ► NVR Anthology 2016: Drum & Bass Edition [OUT NOW! 22 Tracks ONLY £5.95] ◄

    ► Nu Venture Records Anthology 2016: Drum & Bass Edition ◄ ● NVR018: OUT NOW! 22 Tracks ONLY £5.95 or FREE with ANY NVR T-Shirt! ● ► Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£5.95 + BONUS TRACK & MIX*) [Beatport] (*£11.40*) [iTunes] (*£7.99*) [Juno]
  9. NuVentureRecord

    ► Nu Dawn EP - SND // Mole // Redemptive // NVR017: OUT NOW! ◄

    ► Nu Dawn EP - SND // Mole // Redemptive ◄ ● OUT NOW! NVR017: Drum & Bass / Liquid ● ► Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.99 + BONUS TRACK & MIX*) [Beatport] (*£3.90*) [iTunes] (*£2.49*) [Juno] (*£2.49*) ► Nu Dawn EP - Release Mix [NVR017: SND...
  10. J

    Space Jam - November Mix

    First mix in a while, would love some feedback! Tracklist: Ulterior Motive - You Must See Lynx - Only She Knows Ivy Lab – Focus Random Movement – I Stayed Around Electrosoul System – Once On the Cosmic Station DJ Marky – Those Moments Calibre – Turn Around Level 2 – In My Head Foreign Concept –...
  11. J

    Liquid mix 2011 (Calibre, Seba, Break, DJ Marky)

    Yo, My days of putting together drum and bass mixes are over unfortunately. I thought i'd dig out my favourite mix that I made and re-upload it. When I posted it on here a few years back people seemed to enjoy it so I hope you enjoy it again! Forgive me for the lack of a tracklist, it would...
  12. PrecisionUK

    Drum & Bass Which labels shall I try sending these tracks to?[UPDATE]

    Hello chaps, I've got these two tunes that I'm looking to sign, I've signed a few other bits elsewhere no problem but I'm having trouble finding a home for these two, which label do you think fits the sound of these? Cheers for the help!
  13. Ackroyd

    Sample Packs for Rollers & Deep Tunes

    Here we can share names of sample packs that we have found particularly good for making atmospheric, deep/dark and stripped down tracks. Post packs with: - High quality samples - Smooth & deep bass - An organised catalogue - A decent file size/range of content - A link if possible No hard...
  14. Ackroyd

    [Dark & Minimal] Ackroyd - FZKS sciencesession Promo Mix

    This is my promo mix for a night coming up in December, Birmingham. Expect to hear a good amount of Metalheadz, stripped down tunes and rollers. Contact me if you're into making/mixing this sort of thing, always good to make links. Also contact for any I.Ds.
  15. fresh plates

    Drumkilla single sided white label - Burelom03

    Came across this on bandcamp last night. Great atmospheric drumfunk type stuff from the Drumkilla! Managed to snag one of the last signed TPs, but looks like there are plenty of White Labels still left! audio: Also...
  16. NuVentureRecord

    Whychek - Restraint | Shoria [Liquid Half Time DnB - NVR015: OUT NOW!]

    ► Whychek - Restraint | Shoria [NVR015: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● Liquid Half Time Drum & Bass ● ► Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.29 + BONUS TRACK & MIX*) [Beatport] (*£2.60*) [iTunes] (*£1.98*) [Juno] (*£1.91*) ► Whychek - Shoria | Restraint...
  17. Digitaltunes

    Physics on Basso Radio 5/10/2015 - DL / Stream off SC

    Drum & Bass Show 05.10.2015 (Physics) LJHigh: One And Only LSB: About Tonight Mystic Trip: This Feeling Mr Joseph: Back To Basics Physics: Space Race Muffler: What I need [VIP MIX] Phat Playerz: Crazy Life Physics: Future Music (Celsius) LJHigh: The Ride Intersoul & Impish: Solodancer Kabuki...
  18. thingmusic

    Thing - Collected Works (Dubthing Records)

    Grab new Thing album, available thru bandcamp :) ALBUM LINK :
  19. K


    Friske - Your Loving Hyroglifics - Astraya Calibre - Bellamee Reza & Arpxp - No Control Lenzman - Burner Jubei - Rufige 11 Calibre - Bogeyman Riya - Fear Bites Seba - Pressure Point Ed:it - Collecting Dust Halogenix - Shores Stray - Queen LSB - Walking Blues Break - Give it Up Friske - Down
  20. Dean_

    Drum & Bass DnB Portal - Video Reports

    Social sites + website Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Soundcloud / Instagram About DnB Portal We are promotional project from the world of Drum and Bass. We do photo or video and promote events, festivals, DJs and producers. SUPPORT LABELS Concussion Rec. / Sun Side Rec. / Brain Network Recs...