Xample & Lomax - Remember / Rushin Dragon


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dropping this week to all the mailing listers..
Not bad not bad not bad ...

Pleased Rushin Dragon has stayed pretty much as fresh as can be ... pretty sure I've only heard Xample & Lomax play it really ... think I've only ever heard Andy play it once ... but it's nice when tunes are kept fresh

As for Remember ... hmmm ... should have come out a while ago now ... those vocals have started to grate on me lol ... maybe I'll have a different opinion when I hear it on wax in front of me, certainly has mixing potential which is all good

Now can I have the next Culture Shock bit please Ram ... please ...


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Xample & Lomax have a new single coming out on Ram and are currently working on an album, we caught up with Xample to find out more...

Tell us more about the tracks on your forthcoming single...
Well, it will be the first single taken from our forthcoming album for Ram. The single features Remember which is a vocal driven dance floor track and has been a major feature in Andy C's sets for some time now. It also featured on Subfocus' recent Essential mix which helped to give the track some excellent exposure. The flip is entitled Rushin Dragon which combines both our individual styles really well and, again, has been well received throughout the major d&b players.

What can you tell us about the album that you're working on at the moment?
The album is coming together really well. We have been working on it over the last six months and taking our time to ensure that it will really stand out. The album will not only feature the best of our drum & bass tunes but also some new music that people would possibly not associate us with, something that we are really excited about again.

Why are the two of you working on a joint album rather than a solo album?
People don't always realize that we have been working together for about five years now and have released a few tracks alongside our solo material. This project is something we've always wanted to do and when Ram mentioned the idea of doing a collab album we relished the opportunity to take it to the next level.

Done any remixes recently you can tell us about?
We've been offered a number of remixes but the focus is firmly on our album project at present as studio time is limited due to a hectic schedule of DJing and touring etc.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
Remember and Rushin Dragon will be out on Ram in April followed by a yet to be titled debut album later this year!


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after having a peak in Xample's CD case 2 weeks ago i can safely say that they (Xample & Lomax) have a lot of awesome coming up