why aren't there more printed magazines in this space?


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Aug 18, 2023
Hey all, the question speaks for itself, but I'll expand on my curiosity here.

I run a small print magazine, and up until now we've mostly been covering underground electronic music, but have more recently been exploring art, artists, and sci-fi film topics.

We’re super proud so far to have worked with some pretty inspiring figures; notably Billain, Thys from Noisia, Hazem The Architect, some people who have worked on Blade Runner, Halo, Destiny, The Expanse, and various music makers & artists between.

We have a super-small team, mostly communicating online, and from our original blog—running music premieres, doing interviews, chatting with artists—we’ve slowly been building out a bigger platform. Between our small team, we're mostly covering the topics that we enjoy at a personal level, and so far that's been fun to do.

I’m posting here to ask what kinds of things you’d like to see from a very niche underground art & music magazine in 2023?

I’d love to get some feelers, and if you’re curious what we’ve built so far, the website is https://rendahmag.com/

Have a wicked day!
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