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We decided to take another break from the hustle and bustle of Drum & Bass and provide you with a chance of winning some quality Breaks / Electro CD's. We have two albums to giveaway, one titled 'Dance Rocks' which was mixed, remixed, and unmixed by Eddy Temple Morris, and the other a live mix CD from Deekline & Wizard.

To win these albums, simply send an e-mail with your full name and address (so we can post the CD's to you!) to [competition closed] with your answer to the following question:

Which vocalist is hosting the Deekline & Wizard live mix CD?

Good luck!


To wet your appetite, here is a little information on each album:

'DANCEROCKS' - mixed, remixed and unmixed by Eddy Temple Morris

Released: May 2007
Format: Double CD / 12" vinyl / 7" Vinyl

'Legend' - Tom, Kasabian

'Delays worship at the Temple-Morris, where music be the food of love.' - Aaron, Delays

Some DJ's are content with rocking clubs, dropping low-end bass lines and twisted acid frequencies; others wear their influences proudly on their sleeve and hunt far and wide for that weird remix or overlooked B- Side. Eddy Temple Morris falls into the latter category.

His now legendary XFM radio show The Remix has dominated the airwaves for over six years and firmly lodged dance music into rock fans earlobes and vice versa.

Eddy's genre meddling talents have found him fans across the land and tips of the hat from the likes of the Prodigy's musical kingpin Liam Howlett through to stadium rock giants Kasabian. Being one of the busiest men in dance music Eddy's album 'Dance Rocks' has been brewing for many moons and where else would be a better home for it than the eclectic melting pot that is Botchit & Scarper.

In keeping with The Remix show, Eddy flexes his own artistic qualities with his reworkings' of Indie giants; Snow Patrol, Delays, Kasabian andLadytronall which exclusively appear here on 'Dance Rocks'. Lighting the fuse in fine style with his very own remix of Snow Patrol's 'Wow', it isn't long before The Doors say 'hello', thanks to a sprinkling of Adam Freeland's magic. The Stone Lions rub shoulders with The Who, before Groove Armada and The Prodigy receive the Breakbeat shake up. Deekline & Wizard step in the door with the monstrous exclusive 'Woah' before Atomic Hooliganand Backdraft throw in their ten-cents.

Drum & Bass has always flicked Eddy's switches;'Dance Rocks' see's top-flight producers Subfocus and DJ Fresh rear their heads, clearing a path for Whitey's superb mix of 'Helicopter' by Bloc Party. Topping off the mix Nightbreed & Sparfunkinject the filth with 'Arachnophobia' while T.C. shuts things down with the mighty'Flatline'.

If all this wasn't enough'Dance Rocks' comes with a bonus CD bringing together the crème da la crème of all that's great and good in music, the track list really does the talking.

'Dance Rocks' is a truly genre defying LP, mashing Indie into Breakbeat slapping House round the chops and warping into light speed with Drum & Bass.

'The first DJ in our history to get the crowd jumping and singing along BEFORE we get onstage...and he wears a good hat!' - Liam Howlett, The Prodigy

'The reason I'm in work here' - Zane Lowe

'Eddy has turned one of our heads-down rockers into a thumbs up dancefloor belter. It's twisted genius and we love it. It feels like it works, it looks like it works, and by hell it just fucking works!' - Gary Lightbody, Snow Patrol


Deekline & Wizard Live Mix CD Hosted by Top Cat - From Brixton to Brisbane

Released: April 2007

Deekline & Wizard Vs Jack Beats 'Gold Digga' - 'Wow! With all these names involved in this release you're gonna expect something a bit different!.' - M8 Magazine RECOMMENDED (July 06)

Listen, listen! And we will drag you stumbling across the streets of East London .. there's something in the air.. falling up Curtain Rd.. pounding beats.. swinging right down Rivington St.. bass vibrations intensify.. thumping riddims filtered by red brick walls. In a dark inconspicuous street, bass pulses proliferate an air thick with anticipation. Dedicated kids wait in line outside a sweaty railway arch and nod their heads unconsciously to an infectious throbbing that is the unique sound of Deekline and Wizard - live!

On this little silver disc we give you the chance to join the queue, shuffle your way into the party, hand over your hard earned cash, slip through doors and slide into the crowd to see what creates this unholy noise. On stage Deekline cuts'n'scratches the plastic, Wizard unleashes the skeleton shuddering bass and the show unfolds before you, picture live booty shakers bouncing, with an MC role call that no artist can imitate, keeping the multitudes hyped. What you get here is a speaker screeching atomic experience that cannot be matched, showcasing the best club bumping classics alongside brand new material taken from our plucky duo's forthcoming album projects due for release in 2007.

Deekline and Wizard are by far the biggest genre busting dance producers on the scene, creating the hugely hyped debut album 'Beats, Breaks and Blondes' on genre defining label Botchit & Scarper, which gained critical acclaim around the world. With this impeccable reputation of the slickest production their career has already seen them remix the biggest names in house, hip hop, breakbeat and dance including Arman Van Helden's 'My My My', Wu Tang's Ol' Dirty Bastard's 'Got Your Money', Stanton Warriors' 'Dip and Get Low', and the Freestylers' 'Boomblast.' They have already captured interest from dance heavyweights notably The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, & The Chemical Brothers, as well as perform in front of crowds from the UK to the US to Australia to China and beyond.

Without losing their signature production techniques of killer vocals fused with bass heavy riffs and epic soundscapes; They have managed to encompass music that can attract the indie kid, hood rat, raver, breaker, body popper and all those bootiful booty bouncers around the globe! For that's what our intrepid party starters are about, making sure you are on the dancefloor and shaking what your momma give ya and some more!

This is a collection of the biggest dance floor tracks from their many travels, guaranteed winners on the dance floor every time. PLUS 2 EXCLUSIVES; 'STEAM' - DEEKLINE & WIZARD Vs FRESH and 'MAKE YOUR GIRL FEEL THE BASS' – INFINITI Vs DEEKLINE & WIZARD MIX.
Deekline and Wizard want to fuse the old school Miami booty vibe with the sounds of nu skool breaks, electro house, booty bass, grime, ragga and punk rock to form their own distinctive waist line grinding Booty Breaks racket sure to transform any gathering from festival show to intimate sweat box into an event never forgotten.


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