Why so much halftime????


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Some people like to label it as "Drumstep" but im sure we can all safely agree that's the most retarded sub genre name to hit the scene? okay

anyway to the point..

Im hearing a lot more halftime tracks nowadays. especially in the mainstream arena like the stuff UKF is churning out. (seriously every other tune uploaded on UKFD&B is some form of liquid "drumstep" rubbish) and the new tunes from Sub focus ect .... Ive also noticed this style in the deeper side of the spectrum with Dub Phizix and Jubei (which I quite like). oh and not to mention all the Jump Up Stuff (possibly the worst offender that comes with the name "Drumstep" tagged to it due to people mistaking it to be some sort of fusion between Dubstep and DnB *shudders*)

what gives?

Honestly I don't mind a halftime beat dropped in the mix here and there but overall I much prefer 2 by 4 regular Drum and Bass. :/
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Just one of the directions dnb has gone at the minute really. I really like it, Dub Phizix has been rinsing the half time tunes and im not complaining at all, on a decent system alot of them are so clean and sharp they sound br0000tal.