Vinylcarvers - Everlasting dubplates #2


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Nov 29, 2001
"Everlasting dubplates"

You may have seen this phrase used quite a lot in recent months on the top Drum & Bass web sites, so I thought it was time I tried one for myself.

I contacted Vinylcarvers and offered them a review in exchange for a demo cut, here are my findings..

I sent them a track myself and Triple M did a while back, "Top Flight VIP". I chose this track because it was one of our own, and it would be a treat to own a copy on "vinyl".

I did not specify what package I wanted, I just sent a CD off, and sure enough I received extremely fast service from Vinylcarvers!

I sent an un-mastered copy of "Top Flight VIP", as requested by Vinylcarvers.

In return, I received a 1mm thick, one sided, transparent dub.

Here are some images of the vinyl, as I am sure there are many of you who are wondering what this new "material" looks like..




It feels very lightweight and bends very easily, which would be ideal for the budding turntablist looking to improve his/her set using custom samples and effects.

The sound results can be found in two files, the original copy I sent to Vinylcarvers, and the mastered copy I got back, cut to one of their "everlasting dubplates".

Original wave file un-mastered
Mastered copy recorded off their "everlasting dubplate"
Right click, "Save Target As..."

As you can hear from the 320Kbps MP3 clips provided, the quality of the dubplate is very good!

This service is ideal for anyone playing in the club, pub, or bedroom. If your looking to cut your own tunes, or are looking for a way to include new scratch samples and effects in your DJ set or routine, the type of dubplate used by Vinylcarvers could be exactly what you are looking for!

Vinylcarvers have proved yet again that they are a friendly, fast, and quality service.

I think the closing question would have to be, how long do they last? Only time will tell..

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Mar 4, 2002
~100 dollars for a record..... *gag*

Any chance for a major price reduction guys?
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