upload war on youtube

Jul 2, 2007
i go on youtube and try and get some tunes id'd
alot of people do good work on there but some prick is nicking all the uploads and reposting them claiming he is big and has 15000 records. he then goes on other peoples channels and mugs them off saying they aint old skool and get all their tunes from limewire.
well he just made himself look the twat he is by posting a video of himself "mixing" - it is pure jokes, playing a cd and making out hes mixing it
check out his fancy work on the fader
this is someones response
Jul 1, 2008
oh no the sad fucks who rip off everyones music and upload it onto youtube for free are now fighting over who has less of a right to upload copyright violating music

sam the dnb man

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May 24, 2007
youtube is kinda killing vinyl sales imo.
people download off of there instead of buying the tune now, they have saved money but with a compromise of quality.

Il admit i tried downloading off of there before cos i wanted some old jungle tune on there but the quality was terrible, i couldnt listen to it again it was that bad.
a few people i know download off of there, they act all big because they have a 32kbps dubplate that has the first 32 bars recorded from a set then looped over then the intro played again and the drop ect.


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May 21, 2007
i don't know whats more embaressing.

that guy imitating mixing.

or the kid who took the time out to make a video to cuss him down.

Jul 2, 2007
ive id'd loads of old tunes off youtube and then i hunt em down on discogs so i think thats great. i dont bother to rip em to mp3 cos like you say the quality is shit and i only mix vinyl anyway. i can understand the problem for new tunes but some obscure tune from 94, dont know why thered be a problem.
who would play out a shit quality mp3 anyway?
for old tunes you are only gonna buy second hand anyway so no one is getting ripped off. like, moving shadow took all there tunes off youtube for infringement but the label is shut down, so there not making money anymore anyway.
dunno, it will always split opinion


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Oct 1, 2006
so good the way the music starts before the vinyls even playin!lol
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