top 10 most famous dnb tunes

Stuff like Original Nuttah, Valley Of The Shadows, Champion Sound, Renegade Snares remix, Pulp Fiction, Trust Me, Brown Paper Bag etc.

All good tunes but massively overplayed 'cos people overlook the better tunes that were around at the time for the more popular ones.
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I think Ram Trilogy 'Titan' (personal fav), Krust 'Jazz Note', & Alien Girl would also have to sit in there not just because it was a massively popular tune but everytime that first drop is heard the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!! :slayer:
there's tonnes of em that can be classified as the most famous, do u mean within junglists? or the ones that get DnB attention from the media and others?

circles, brown paper bag, LK even shake ur body all got massive attention and gave DnB a mainstream push, but ask most junglists and these will struggle into their fave tunes.

personally, i'm man enough to admit that i wasnt listenin to DnB in 92-96 (golden era?) so i'm not too clued on big tunes, prolly best i remember is demons theme, but after that i think a lot of the full cycle stuff was famous, titan, ska, tudor rose, thugged out bitch, twisteds stuff has been played by everyone as well, so i suppose those are the famous one if amount of play defines what famous is...
These two are recently famous because they're rare and jerks on ebay are making people sell their soul to the devil to get copies.

Foul Play "Finest Illusion (Vocal Mix) / Screwface" (Section 5)
FDB Project "The Core / Shes Breaking Up" (Bangin Tunes)
the most famous tunes in my opinion, tryin to make a compromise between back in the day tunes and tunes alerted to by the media, so all kinds of junglists would probably be...

shake ur body,
twist em out,
mo fire,
original nuttah,
brown paper bag,
pulp fiction,

thats just off the top of me head mind. many others deserve a mention
Probably these

Original Nutta
Valley of the shadows
Chopper (shy FX mix)
Trust me
Twist em out
Those CD's Hype mixed a while back were good, Jungle Massive or something!
sdm@work said:
Those CD's Hype mixed a while back were good, Jungle Massive or something!

Yer I know the one's you mean shameful to say it, but I actually bought my copy from Tesco's ha ha. It had some wicked tracks that would I definetly consider classics like:
DJ Krome & Mr Time - Ganja Man
P-Funk - P-Funk Era
Splash - Babylon o_O
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares
DJ Krust - Jazz Note (still prefer the Total Science remix)
Q Project - Champion Sound
original nuttah
its jazzy
brown paper bag
trust me
champion sound
they r the ones that stick in the mind most of all.
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while i agree with all the above i cant beleive noones said the nine by bc!


but most famous ever got to be original nuttah
You're Gonna Miss My Face......Cyba - I thought it was hot when I heard it...but I've only been spinning dnb for a year but I've been listening to it for a while I guess. No one bothered to mention Prodigy at all but hey them dudes issss bad!! Voodoo People, One Love etc......
In no particular order:
Valley Of The Shadows, Pulp Fiction, Trust Me, Helicopter Tune, Original Nutah, Terrorist, Champion Sound, The Nine, Shadow Boxing & Alien Girl
Brown Paper Bag
Fugee Or Not
Shake It
Valley Of The Shadows
Trust Me
Pulp Fiction
Super Sharp Shooter

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