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Dec 20, 2008
Hi there,
I've just logged to dnbforum few days ago...
Glad to see it live as it's living, i mean lots of interesting threads, mixes, etc etc etc...
I'm DJing mostly dnb & breaks for 3 years now as well as promoting & organizing events (mostly in France : Lille, Rouen , Courchevel...).
True french junglist since i am 14 and member of Live dnb band DARK JEDIS (myspace.com/darkjedis myspace.com/darkjedisallstars),
And getting into producing tunes seriously (trying? lol) with french producers such as :

DIGITAL SOAP (www.myspace.com/digitalsoap),
MAC MANUS (www.myspace.com/macxrp),
DJ PANIK (www.myspace.com/deejaypanik),
JAKA (myspace.com/jakadj)
SQUARE (www.myspace.com/djsquarednb)

Nothing else to say, so please dl my mixes & check my threads about new choons that u can let me know what u thin 'bout them...

peace to all :lighter:



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Dec 20, 2008
thanks !!
did one of you dl'ed the mix i put in the "member mixes" section? Did u appreciate ? Did it sound crap ? let me know fellas !
peace !
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