This is going to take loooong


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Mar 29, 2007
Nearly 600 vinyl to put into my chemical collection. But thankfully a good 1/4 is there from net sales.

Break out the coffee :D
I have 4 sections of my cabinet that are all pretty much full, going to do one every now and then, I have them divided into labels, not exactly the best organized but I know exactly where to go when I want a certain tune. It's kind of nice after cos you can see your whole collection on one page. :)
yeah i definitely am going to finish it off eventually, i started it cos a mates h/d crashed so im ripping a load of tunes for him so that way he can flick through the collection and email requests... dunno about chemical but discogs is so pedantic about everything that it takes ages just to get the right release/pressing of a tune
Chemical is piss mate. Automatically adds your online orders to your collection. But I haven't bought online for ages. You just basically find the tune, go into the Info bit and click Add to Collection, simple :)

One thing that would be good though is if it had totals at the end; how many you have and total price.
I've got about a quarter of my collection on discogs at 450. Its demoralising going through them all. I just do it a bit at a time.
does chemical records offer some sort of arcvhie then?
I spent ages putting some of my collection on discogs but gave up, i will finish it some day!
im confused.

what are you guys doing on chemical and discogs?????
cause i have tunes for sale on discogs but im a bit confuzled about what your saying about chemical?
when you look up a tune on discogs in the top right hand corner there's an option to either add it to your collection or your wantlist. all they are are lists of tunes that you either own or want to own. the wantlist is especially handy because discogs will email you when the tune comes up for sale again. probably the same on chemical
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