The Never Ending Mc Debate!


Yer mom
Nov 15, 2002
I wish I knew....
Neurotoxin said:
And I have to say that at the end last friday at full cycle night, when there was a technical hitch and the tunes had to stop for a couple of minutes, she was rhyming over total silence just to keep the vibe flowing. That, to me, is what it's all about..

Werd. I was at a dumpy venue fer a really phat line-up when the owner of the place decided ta shut it down. It was too late (4am iirc) and the staff wanted ta go home even though it was contracted ta keep goin till 6am. Well, after they shut the speakers off, Armanni went on fer about 15 minutes, spittin flows and beatboxin. Turned the general pissed-off-wtf feeling of the place into a less-dangerous disappointed feeling. Now, I dislike 99.8% of MC's, but that was just phat. Changed my view of him, it did.

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