DnB STEREOCILIA002 - Sicknote & Escher - Taster *Premiere*


Jun 22, 2011
Exclusive Premiere of “Taster” by Sicknote and Escher taken from the second release on the highly limited and ultra-collectible Stereocilia label.

"Taster" is based around a subtle drum machine rhythm, sparse and steady the beat provides the perfect back drop for twisted bass tones that snarl and gyrate their way throughout the track. At times upfront and prominent, at others quietly in the background menacingly filtering around gentle percussion like a shark circling it's prey.

The true beauty of "Taster" lies in its natural arrangement, noises fade in and echo out, a held string causes tension then departs, drums rise and fall without a drop, mentasms pierce the track but only occasionally.

The track is haunting, not overbearing. An uncluttered masterclass in making the most out of a few sounds and a perfectly executed idea without an amen in sight.

Exclusive to the Clashmouth independent drum and bass label market in November this will be available as a highly limited lathe cut vinyl release backed with “Emerald Estate” by Sicknote.
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