1. Modulardnb

    Sicknote - Lost Deep In The Hard Drive LP

    Out now via Bandcamp 11 unreleased Sicknote tunes! This album is a selection of tracks that I accidentally deleted the sessions for (don't delete your back up hard drive by accident!) A cross-section of vibes and styles within the realms of drum and bass, hope you enjoy Available as an 11...
  2. Modulardnb

    DnB STEREOCILIA002 - Sicknote & Escher - Taster *Premiere*

    Exclusive Premiere of “Taster” by Sicknote and Escher taken from the second release on the highly limited and ultra-collectible Stereocilia label. "Taster" is based around a subtle drum machine rhythm, sparse and steady the beat provides the perfect back drop for twisted bass tones that snarl...
  3. InReach

    In-Reach Records 002 - Sicknote

    Check out our title track 'Jeep' premiering today! Worldwide release is 8th March so watch this space for pre-order links coming soon "The number kicks off with pulsating drum bursts fading in and out of the intro leading into a pause in the breaks and a definite calm before the storm. The...
  4. InReach

    Nick EP B2B Sicknote (Jungle Set) Live @ In-Reach Records Launch Party 13/07/18

    Recorded live on the night - Nick EP & Sicknote dug deep with their all vinyl, jungle set @ The In-Reach Records Launch party @ The Nest, London last month. Hosted by Bassline MC
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