Starting In Ableton 9


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Jan 30, 2013
Just grabbed a copy of Ableton 9 to work with until 10 comes out. Switching from Maschine as my primary production unit to get some of the benefits that Ableton has over NI.

Now... I will google my ass off and read the manual to death but was hoping the community would post some of their favorite tutorials, tips and tricks.

Thanks man. I’ll check that out. Not sure about the pirating comment but will say that all of my software is legit and I’ve spent well over 300 dollars on loop masters over the years. Lol
Check out @fanu too he has a lot of quick tips for live that are really handy.

There are some ways to integrate maschine into ableton as well which is pretty fun. You can use maschine to create your patterns and such and drag them right into ableton and edit them.

Holy hell, thank you everyone. Been doing the work to learn this and your replies have been very helpful .
Thanks for the mention, @scrTchs.

I'll be offering a basic Ableton Live video course as well as advanced one next year.
Will be covering all bases.
(I'm Ableton Certified)

I'll start recording and editing in early 2018.

I'll try to price it all reasonably so everyone can afford it.
@fanu Thats awesome news man! Looking forward to checking them, already learned a lot from the ones already posted.

Hoping to get something good enough for the mastering phase to send your way.
I'll second ARTFX, some really good tutorials. Did you ever finish the Neurofunk series? I need to catch up!

Also Joshua Casper and Slynk (He just did a tutorial on Simpler & Sampler:

Haha no never finished it, ended with a massive writersblock. But the new livestream tunes are starting to take shape now and it's dnb/neurofunk as well!
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