Simple question on musical keys..

Helloooo when producing I try to keep things as simple as possible as Im packing fuck all music theory under the old belt. I understand the circle of 5ths and how certain keys can be used together in harmony however I dont know if you can play 2 simultaneously rather the progressing onto the next harmonious key, for instance if I have a backing tune thats in D Minor could I throw a vocal ontop that is f major? Or would the vocal also have to be in D minor? I know this is a really stupid question but answer would be greatly appreciated.


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if it sounds good it sounds good

in this particular case since dminor and fmajor have the same notes in them (they are parallel keys) there should be no problem

But you can look at the notes of each key and see which notes clash and see if they appear in the sample that's in a different key, if not you're good to go and sometimes key clashes can work, you're gonna notice when they don't

also learning some basics of music theory (how to make chords, which key has which notes, ect.) is really helpful and really isn't that hard to learn