Sidechaining in fruity.....

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Ive not dabbled in sidechaining yet an wanted to experiment but have i been doing this right? ive been lazy not searching but it seems pretty simple, i just need some confirmation.

so.........sending my kick n snare to a channel an then adding the peak controller an linking the noise i want to the lfo - peak then play with the base n decay? is this the way to do it?

Plus i figured, say if u want the sub bass to dip out for the kick, why not put an eq on your bass an peak control the mix of it so wheneva the kick comes in it only takes out the frequencies in the bass where the kick hits an then the same but for the snare frequencies?

^^^is that a more effective way of 'dipping' then just doin the volume?

cheers in advance, an happy tune making to you all! ;)


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well my friend, sidechaining is by definision the ducking of volume, but u could try the frequency thing too.

Put a peak controller on ur kick channel, unmute it, then click on a volume knob of bass(or watever it is u want to sidechain) and click link to controller, then choose PEAK (only), and theres a menu where u need to choose "Inverted". Thats it, then play with the base volume level..


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This is how Indi explaines it in "Fl studio thread":

How to sidechain in FL Studio

First, wack your kicks and bass into seperate mixer channels.

Next put a fruity peak controller on the kick drums channel.

Next put a fruity balance on the bass channel.

Next, keep the fruity balance infront of you and right click volume knob and select 'Link to controller...'

Now a 'remote control settings' box will pop up, if you look around about the upper middle you'll see a box labled 'Internal controller'. Click the drag down bar and a set of things to link to should pop up.

Now select the 'peak ctrl FX #' depending on which channel you placed the peak controller you want to link to.

Now select the 'peak' parameter and only the peak parameter.

Now when you got that linked up go to the peak controller and fiddle with the 'Peak' settings which is the top box. You're aiming for the kick to not clash with the bass so fiddle with it so that the bass ducks out for a few milliseconds and allows the kick to come through full effect.