Should I keep on making drum & bass?

FIRST OF ALL: Post in the right section!

I'm not the one to tell you if YOU need to finish this, as long as you feel good about it then finish it!

I really like the synth work in this, sounds really clear, maybe a little bit more low end would do them good. For the drums I don't hear your kick compared to the snare which is remarkable louder than the kickdrum.
Yeah that thing with the kickdrum was an experiment, I tryed to make it "blend in" more to make it different ;) Can't decide how to finnish it up. Thanks for the advice, I will look at those low ends ;)
of course you should. i agree with artfx, impressive synthwork and the mix and that. but maybe you should try another style, here why dont you try and do something like this for example. mad low end on this.
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