Shall we talk about C&S some more??

Greg P

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I'd probably like them a lot more if they didn't keep making the same 4 tunes over and over. the ballad -see: loves theme,i got love rmx, in love, hurt you, take me away. Half step reggae - Duppy man Hot Wuk rmx Dumpling Riddim. Half Step tunes in general and dancefloor garbage i.e. sell me your soul & druids

I'm not knocking them in production value but more in the contents of their writing. Plus i'm a bigger fan of their earlier works. Just wish BC weren't so freakin lazy and held on to em.

If anything i'll wait till the full release of the album on digital and choose from there. Not worth the vinyl to me.
Yeah I see your point, but that you can roughly group all of their tunes into 4 groups is hardly surprising... You could do this with any artist (although with many of them it would be less than 4!) from Chase and Status to Led Zeppelin... Lot's of DnB producers really only make 1 type of tune (cough cough Origional Sin) so that you can group C&S tunes like this isn't really such a bad thing...

I'm not disagreeing with you at all, I just don't think that this is such a big problem...

sam the dnb man

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i love thier stuff but they always seem to use a cutoff filter before the sounds pretty good but there should be abit more diversity in thier drops...because they all have a similar structure.

thier tunes are top notch nonetheless


One tune that seems to rarely gets a play or mention is the b-side of 'dumplin rhythm' - 'disco'.By far their dirtiest tune when it come to the dancefloor!