Roxod - shahta Rodina [neuro deep]


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liking your style mate, intro is well done.
beat is quite tight also, maybe its just my headphones but the beat is a little squashed, could do with a bit more space but otherwise right down my alley!!
bassline is great.
the fx are well done too, nice edits.


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Mmmm, I like that Pad in the Intro. Those Stabs you've got in the beginning... it might be cool if you automated the Attack of the Envelope for that sound instead of having every note on of it so sharp/in your face - might make it a lil more "bow wowy" if you know what I mean.

OOoooohhh, I like the Drop a lot! That was subtle, but man, it smacked me in the face!!

1:21 (that percussive Woodblock hit with the delay is imo about 4 DB too loud, it was really bright on my Logitech comp Speaks).

Sub is solid, the Midrange (filter automated) Layer is sick, I like that a lot! Sounds like you were having a lot of fun with it, and considering you play it off of that other softer Midrange layer = they work well together.

Your PERC rocks, but that SD is about a half DB - full DB too loud for me, it's just a bit bright, but nevermind me.

2:34 - that Pad Swell with the slow attack is badass!! Real eerie.

Overall, PROD sounds slick, techy tune, I like it a lot.