Rounder - Tearing Me Apart


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I like the direction its going, right up my street.
for me the kick and especially the snare dont cut enough in the mix.
other than that maybe a plucky lead to back up the melody


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hello rounder, nothing greedy in there .. just shows you are having a creative spell.
nice flowing tune, drums are excellent and so is all mixing/mastering in this tune.
i'm not sure if the "tearing me .." sample really matches, could be my ears though..
can you check on the high frequencies, some seem to stick out too much.
quality tune from you again ... :2thumbs:
Intro on this one is beautiful, in love with those pads.

I'm a fan of the way the drums creep in also it's very subtle but adds to the delicate touch of this track. I do find the drums a little bit weak on the bottom end (Mainly the kick isn't very punchy) and the hats might have been cut a little too high but that's just personal preference!

Overall vibe of the track is really gorgeous, love the vocals, drums + FX / risers / overall background atmosphere (sounds very professional) although I am a bit biased as I have literally played your track "Searching Inside" to death ;)

Great track, just lacking a little in the bottom end + little harsh on top!

Rounder RG

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Great track, just lacking a little in the bottom end + little harsh on top!
Cheers James. I was trying to make the drums a little lighter (less bottom end) and with a little more shine on the high end (more tops) as I felt it suited the happier vibe on this one. Might have overdone it in both directions a little. I made this tune start to finish in roughly three hours so I can't say that I spent long tweaking the drums but was fairly happy with the final sound. It was quite refreshing not to obsess over every little detail and just get on with it.

Thanks for the kind words, if you want an mp3 of Searching Inside let me know and I'll send a PM with a link.
yeah this is nice, agree the highs could be softened a little in the drums. That intro is really nice. also not 100% sure on the tearing me apart...think it may be the pitch...but for me it doesn't quite sit right. I like what the bass is doing though underneath! Nice track overall! Lots of nice elements in here, maybe even too many around the 2.20 mark, could maybe be a less is more instance. I dunno. Good stuff though!