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Apr 2, 2008
how the hell is that sound made?! the kind of niche/garagey one.. i've been experimenting for ages but i give in! it's obviously sines/squares but thats all i know..
yeah ive always wondered how that sound is made, its one of my favorite sounds!

ive always gone for organ hits and fked around with them.

or just sample any speed garage tune from about 2004 :D
I managed to make one that sounds like it by accident, I was fiddling round with a preset called House Organ, trying to make a Q-Project sounding organ, and adding an sub bass playing the same melody, then add a bit of movement with oscillators made it sound like the show me love organ.

That's how I did it, but it will be trial and error to be honest.
big ups man, could you be more specific..? all i know is that theres the 808 and all that but i thought they were only drums (my hardware knowledge is nil)
also you can take a look at the 'innards' of the hypersonic patches. that way you can make the same coupled sound with saws or pulses. glad i checked the hypersonic now hehe

its the organ 2 preset on the legendary Korg M1 synth, theres a vst of it, also contains a lot of vintage rave piano and many other old school sounds
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