RAMM119 - Rene Lavice - Absolute Monster EP


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Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Rene LaVice made a huge impression on the drum & bass fraternity with the immense ‘Headlock’ released as part of the ‘Dimensions 5’ EP. The rolling, almost nostalgic feel of the track coupled with Rene Lavice’s intimate knowledge of the studio made for a clear standout track, and led Ram Records to offer this exciting producer an exclusive recording contract.

Here we see the first fruits of that contract, as Rene prepares to unleash the beast in the form of the ‘Absolute Monster’ EP. Spanning four brand new tracks across the vinyl package with the addition of an exclusive VIP mix of ‘Headlock’ for the digital bundle, this is set to catapult Rene Lavice to the forefront of everyone’s minds this summer.

Leading the charge is ‘Dank’ a highly potent brew that’ll have dance floors smoking whenever it’s dropped. Skipping beats and cleverly placed mentasms are delivered alongside chopped vocal snippets and long bass notes that drag you in and don’t let go.

‘Meow’ employs cheeky P Funk references to great effect. Harking back to the kind of sounds D&B fans heard in ’96 but with an effortlessly smooth updating, Rene Lavice’s attention to detail and crisp production shine through here, creating a track that will undoubtedly be a DJ favourite.

Next up the title track takes you deep into the paranoid side of Rene Lavice’s music. Laden with impending doom, this track is like taking a walk in the woods alone at night; every moment filled with tension, every sound creating anxiety before the drop releases a wave of pent up energy.

‘Dungeon’ shows another side to Rene Lavice with layer upon layer of percussive energy that rolls along into infinity. Once again it’s the attention to detail that pins this track together as minimalist simplicity clashes with rhythmic complexity.

Finally ‘Headlock’ VIP boosts up the digital package with all the stepping greatness of the original blended up with plenty of twists and turns to deliver a great new take on Rene’s dance floor favourite.

Rene Lavice - Absolute Monster EP

Vinyl Tracks
A. Dank
B. Meow
C. Absolute Monster
D. Dungeon

Digital Bundle
1. Dank
2. Meow
3. Absolute Monster
4. Dungeon
5. Headlock VIP (Digital Exclusive)

Date: 23rd July 2012
Cat: RAMM119

Released by: RAM Records
Release/catalogue number: RAMM119
Release date: Jul 23, 2012

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strong ep but really not feeling the vip, its basically a changed note in the bassline and i liked the original one way better