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  • where you to mayne .. you given up on the piss taking reprobates here ? ...
    Ez mate, Sorry about the massive delay in getting back to you!

    So just to clarify are you genuinely interested in all I have left? Or do you want to just choose a selection? Just wanna clarify before I sort out a quote.

    I've got so many more to list as well! Just ain't got the time. :(

    Cheers, Alex.
    ez, ive been offered commision by a mate who organises all this sorta shit.. i went with them last year and am going again this year. its 275 without festival ticket.

    They include return flights from the UK and airport transfers for £275

    let me know if your still interested and i will get him to check you

    safety, outlook is laaaarge mate!
    sorry boss. Im skint at the moment and cant pay out that much in one go......so decided to finance myself a xone 92, serato and some hd25's lol.
    Fair play, yeah i have known jam for years. I have another mate from bassett who has played a show with you before as well. His name is adam pedder and he was the drummer for as winter burns white

    ps i thought posted this on your wall yesterday but it seems i posted it on my own

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