Ram @ The End last night


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Good stuff, arrived about 11PM, a lot earlier than usual. Getting in was no problem at all, The End staff seemed a bit friendlier than usual, and the Ram team were real nice!

Arrived when Moving Fusion was on, didn't really catch much of the set, standard stuff methinks. Gutted I missed Sub Focus, they should have put him on later!! Next up was Zinc, he killed it as usual. Big bad basslines alongside some typical sweet mixes from this man. Loved the way he dropped 'The Pulse' in, kills it every time!

I think it was Red One next, all I really remember here was the 'Cold Killa' remix(?), sounded pretty fat though! He also played some weird beat thingy for his last tune, I don't think many people were in it. While this odd tune was on the sound engineer was trying to get Hive's laptop setup for his FinalScratch (or similar).

Keaton & Hive took the floor, played a pretty bad ass set including the 'Neo' remix, which was reloaded as soon as it dropped!

The executioner turned up slightly late, which in my experience is unusual for this night. I think he dropped some new Sub Focus joint first, perfectly double dropped with Dillinja's 'Ain't Too Loud', the place erupted! GQ had him reload it straight away! The set went on in a typical Andy C fashion, killing it mix after mix!

Unfortunately at this stage (~3AM) one of my friends (no names mentioned!) couldn't stay awake any longer, so we decided to make the 2 hour drive home.

Great night Ram, up to standards as per usual!

P.S. All the Photek joints sounded sooo sick on The End's sound system, big up that man fo' sure!



Can't beleive I didn't bump into you lot, its not the biggest club in the world! I dont really remember too much, but I think I had a good night. That cold killer rmx is by sub focus, his tunes tore up that system all night, especially citizen kane.