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I hope he plays that tune with the reggae vocal he played at fabric a couple weeks back......those who were there will know the one im on about!


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I hope he plays that tune with the reggae vocal he played at fabric a couple weeks back......those who were there will know the one im on about!
Is it the one where a ragga vocalist goes "off I go, off I go.." etc?

In that case its Hamilton - Come Again


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i aint gonna be there myself but remember if u hear the words "KUNG FU IS BANNED" or my watcha say remix then skank like fuck cos its one of my tunes and apparently a lot of the top djs have got copies now :)
and let me know if u do hear em and what u think lol, if ur in a state that u will remember that is!

I seriously doubt either of the tunes will get dropped, but if they do make sure u go nuts for me lol!
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sick sick sick night.

I got in proper early just to be safe, but it filled up really quickly. First person I saw was Aki in room 1 at 10.30 who was fucking sick, dropped so many tunes id never heard of which was wicked and the intro with Minimal Funk was grotty. Even tho he was on at 10.30 he stayed the whole night and was walking round chatting to people by himself really safe guy. Xample and Lomax were up next and although they were good it was pretty much the same set they've been playing the past few months. Left halfway through to catch Zinc who absolute killed room 2, I dont know fuck all about house but the shit he was playing was sooo good. Definitely one of my favourite sets of the night.

After Zinc I went and got in the mixer for Andy C which was fucking RAMMED. He intro'd with the same tune he used in Fabric a couple of weeks ago which is filth, really wanna know what it is, Then into Lunar Bass VIP was too much. Just killed it as you would expect him to played so many tunes I haven't heard for a while as well like "The Beginning" and "Run Off" new tune which sounded like Culture Shock went off, had some vocal in it "Dont have to take it slow" same with the Break remix of Gridlok, fucking destroyed the place. Got a bit too much at the front tho, was bare dickheads just smashing into people.

Left around an hour into Andy's set to catch EZ who was standardly sick, dont think he was as good as when he played at Matter IMO but still proper good set. Left there at 3 and went back to the main room to catch the rest of Andy. Subfocus came on at 3.30 ish but I didnt bother checking it, just mooched around in the smoking area. Went into room 3 to catch a bit of Doorly. Was pretty decent, played some HARD tunes and some mash up of Lethal Bizzle - Pow and Tempa T - Next Hype which sounded live. Just as I was leaving room 3 he played Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchy which went into DNB at the end, and he mixed in Sigma - Front To Back, sounded proper jokes him cutting between both tunes.

Went and caught Noisia from 4.30 who were standardly disgusting, played some proper fucking gutter filth. First time i've heard Shellshock on a big system and it sounded mucky, and alot of other shit I hadnt heard before. Left about 5.30 because I was fucked, but over all really heavy night. Thought it would be proper over crowded but it really wasnt, quite alot of room to move actually. Seemed much busier a few weeks ago.

Shout to everyone I saw, Wayne pleasure as always bruv, good to have a little catch up! Out to Nickname, #Talk To Frank, Jonesy and anyone else I saw but couldnt remember.
Roll on the next one!