Playing with the bass.

Hello, after a month or two of doing nothing of note. I have decided to trying to use Massive again, I watched a few Tutorials, as you guys demanded.
I feel like I got a hang of some of it.
I still have an issue with how to make the actual bass sound like a bass. However With the WoW plugin, I feel it is much easier to use Massive.
What I am getting at here, is that I would like to know what I can do differently, I tried to do a bass like in Noisia's Exodus, without directly just ''taking'' it.
Funny thing is, I got the sound I wanted before I started recording, however I ended up clicking on one wrong button, now I have been trying to get it back, again.
However here is the bass sounds I managed to make: Bass 1.mp3

And this might be a little closer: Bass 2.mp3

I wonder how I can fix it.
Keep it simple. Over modulating can result in a mess. Start with a basic reece: run oscillators with 3 saws, one flat, the other 2 detuned (i.e. +12/-12) for a little movement. Now take that, bounce it to a wav file, bring that back into the project as an audio clip, and apply some fx, rinse and repeat. Resampling is key with most basslines in neuro. You can spend years playing with synths trying to program the perfect reece, but without doing resampling, it will never be what you want. Try another synth other than massive. I just use imagelines 3xosc, and go from there. If you want some really in depth advice, and some interesting tips, check out seamless on youtube.

A tip on writing bass lines, start with something simple, and once you have it resampled, you can cut the sample apart and take bits and pieces you like and come up with something totally new.
Here is a sample I posted of a basic bassline before and after resampling. (ignore the click track lol)


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Any decent osc set at -12. Play C2.


Do whatever the fuck you want to actually make the bass, but those are the basics. Make a reese by detuning 3 or more oscs by +/-30 and driving it a bit. Make a low ripper by playing at F1, lowpassing, and chucking on a heavy metal amp simulator.
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